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Sherry 是西雅图知名的华人房地产代理。她有着丰富的经验。Sherry 的客户都是来自老客户的推荐。请看以下来自她的客户们的评价。

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Sherry is currently a Managing Broker of Skyline Properties. She is a reputable Seattle Realtor highly recomended by her clients and one of the few highly successful Seattle Chinese Realtors For the last 11 years, Sherry  has been providing exceptional service to the Chinese community on Seattle Eastside, including Bellevue, Mercer Island, Medina, Clyde Hill, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Bothell, and Issaquah. Sherry thrives in providing personalized best services to her clients representing both buyers and sellers.

Sherry has been awarded top agents for the past 8 years in her company. Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, understanding both Western and Chinese culture, keeping customer’s best interest at heart, Sherry has been able to help many Chinese families fulfill their American dreams.

Sherry’s clients are solely from referrals from her previous clients. Please see her customers' feedback below.

Home buying: Sherry has helped many families’ achieve their American dream of owning a house. No matter whether you are a first time buyer or second time buyer, or an investor, Sherry walks you through the entire process from beginning to end. Starting from meeting with you, learning your needs, listening to your concerns, providing suggestions for possible candidates, going to house touring trips, preparing offer, explaining legal implication of offer documents, doing market research and market analysis, negotiating price and terms, working closely with inspectors, loan brokers,  escrow companies and title companies, Sherry walks her client through every step to ensure a best deal possible and a successful closing.

Home listing: Sherry provides full listing service package to insure you a hassle free listing experience. Working closely with her team of professional stager, professional photographer, cleaning crew and handyman, you can rest assured to present the best of your property to potential buyers.


Contact Sherry:
Phone: 425 531 1662

Customer Feedback
(Below are recomendations from Sherry's previous clients)
  • I highly recommend Sherry Wang. She is a successful realtor with great experience and knowledge of local housing market, especially the east side.  I’ve known her for over 10 years.  What I appreciate most about her is her integrity. She will never push for a house, if she doesn’t believe it is a good choice for you.  She is also a great negotiator, she has gotten many great deals for her clients.   GraceSammamish
  • Hi Sherry, appreciate for everything you did for us. You're the best agent I have heard and met. We're so glad we have chosen you as our agent, that's one of the most wise things we did. Hope we could be cooperate with you again! (Ling and Bo, Bellevue)
  •  I also highly recommend Sherry Wang. She is very pleasant to work with and made my home buying experience extremely smooth. Sherry also has great negotiation skills and worked very hard to my best interest. In one case, after some hard negotiation the seller finally agreed to make some improvements to the place, the seller actually commented that “I am doing this only because you have a really good agent.”  (Kai, Bellevue) 
  • She is excellent!I just bought a house with her help. This is what my wife wrote about her: ……从上次的经历,我们知道一定要找很多人推荐的人才可靠。这种信用的积累是很长的过程,如果能得到3个以上的人推荐,那真是非常的好了。所以我们就去公司的BBS,寻找好的代理。终于我们找到一个最起码有20多个人推荐的代理,我称她为S 每个人都盛赞她的NEGOTIATION SKILL,专业知识和认真负责为客户着想的态度。我记得有一个人的推荐信里是这么写的“对方的代理跟我们说,我们能买到这个房子,完全是因为我们有个好代理”。于是我们决定跟她联络一下。和她交谈非常非常的舒服,感觉很好,她先让我们列一下我们的要求,让她自己心里先有数。我们约了第二天去看房子。我们先去看了一个网上我们看过的感觉还可以的房子。S 很有经验,她先让我们看一遍,自己感觉一下,然后会从容的侃侃而谈,什么的屋顶,根据记录是用了多少年的,外墙是怎么样的,进门是不是WELCOME, 光照,朝向。还有一些地方要修要改的话大概多少钱。房子里什么地方的设计是不太合理的。她还带我们去房子周围的小区转一下,看看这个小区如何,我们是不是喜欢。向我们介绍这个小区的学校。她说房子的结构和周围的邻居是很难改变的,如果你不喜欢,那就不要买了。她提醒我们看看周围的邻居LANDSCAPE是不是普遍做的不好,因为这也会影响整个小区的value。总之,她跟我们讲了很多很多,我们跟着她看房学到了很多。好的AGENT和差的AGENT,真的不一样,差太多了。……我们看到房子的外形就很喜欢,前面的草地和花园收拾的非常干净,赏心悦目。里面更是豪华。我们后来看房子都FOLLOW我们AGENT的意见,列了张LIST,列出我们一定要满足的要求,然后看房子的时候一项项钩掉。最后具体讨论那些要求是可以妥协的,哪些要求是一定要满足的。……所以我们决定马上下OFFER.对方AGENT告诉我们他们当天就有一个OFFER了,FULL PRICE,不过是CONTINGENT的,要等对方的房子卖掉拿到钱后才能买这个房子,这种OFFER是最不讨喜的,所以当时OWNER就没接受。我们的代理很快就和对方的代理混熟了。她说任何房子都有还价的余地的,让我们不要急。她在做了一番调查后,建议我们OFFER 52w5,比LIST PRICE1W5.她说她会和对方AGENT交涉,不会直接据掉的。与此同时,S还给我们准备了一封情真意切的信,说明了我们买房子的诚意。OFFER递出去了,我们焦急的等待。COUNTER OFFER回来,卖家坚持原价不变,但是决定把窗帘和洗衣机烘干机什么都留给我们。他们说他们的窗帘就花了6000弄。S说我们也不可能花6000弄窗帘啊。说到这里,不得不佩服S,她陶瓷到对方的心理价位在53W5,6左右,于是建议说大家让一步回个53W3回去。OFFER送出去以后,我们一直等得很急。因为不想拖到星期六,看房子得人多了,下OFFER得机会也大,想赶在星期五前解决了。中午得时候,对方代理告诉我们有人OFFER了全价,不是contingent得那种,问我们愿意match吗?我们当然非常愿意。可是我们代理说会给我们争取到房子并且争取最大得利益。我不清楚她是怎么写信打电话并且present的,最后我们以比LISTING PRICE 3000的价格买到了房子。卖家还帮我们清洗一下屋顶,屋顶是4年新的composition roof,并且送我们patio上面的一套gazebo。我太佩服我的代理了。 (Yang, Sammamish)    
  • I had great experience with Sherry last summer too. She is honest and willing to tell the customers the truth. Before switching to her, we used a Johnlscott agent and found he knew little about the area and even lied a lot. For example, when we asked him the commute situation from Sammamish to the main campus, he just gave false information. When we asked him why Lake Washington school district was good, he just couldn’t tell, while he had lived in the area for many years and had kids.But Sherry is different; she knows eastside so well and provided us detailed facts and information. She never pushes you to close a deal for the sake of getting commissions sooner.  We will use her again. (Weidong, Redmond) 
  • Sherry was my agent for a very difficult real estate transaction last year.  We managed to negotiate down the asking price given the hot real estate market on eastside.   She is honest with great work ethics.(Adam, New Castle) 
  •  Sherry helped me to purchase my house in Bridle Trial. She is a good negotiator.  (Michael, Bellevue) 
  • I would also like to recommend my agent – Sherry. She is a former SDET from Microsoft and a Mandarin speaker. Great service and negotiator. I just closed a deal with her and was able to get a very good bargain.   Bryan, Redmond
  • I second her as well. As Bryan said, she has good knowledge and negotiation skills as an agent. She is also very patient. I have been seeing houses with her for 7-8 months and I have seen more than 60 houses. She will never push you for rolling out an offer.  Additionally, according to my experience, she has good understanding of your expectation of the houses you are hunting for. For any first time home buyer,  he/she may not  be able to describe what he/she really wants. Sherry is able to quickly learn what you really would like to have after visiting a few houses with you and recommend some good candidates later. HaibinRedmond
  • I just bought a house with her last week although it’s hasn’t been closed. I got this house with the lowest offer (total three offers), I really appreciate her negation skills/tips and hard work.  (Sherry, Sammamish)  
  • Sherry recently helped me purchase a single family home.  I’m satisfied with the overall experience (and I’m very picky!).  (Xiang, Bellevue)
  • Nod nod. Sherry was my agent too. I tried 2 other agents until a friend recommended her. She tries actively to find out what YOU are looking for, acts fast and negotiates hard. I had a very pleasant experience with her. (Xian, Bellevue)  
  • I also like to recommend my real estate agent Sherry Wang.  We had a great experience with her when we were buying our house recently. She is very knowledgeable and responsible and has  great negotiation skills. She is also very patient, understand our need and gave us very precious suggestion. At the end, we got a great deal with her help.   (Miao Jun, Sammamish) 
  • Hi Sherry,I got the key today. Thanks for your help during the process. You have done a great job to help us negotiate the price and resolve all kinds of issues. We are really appreciated. The most impressive part is that you are not just trying to close the deal  but always stand on our side and put our interest on top.  Thanks. (Jingwei, Redmond)